Club photo

Club photo
Volunteering at Casino Night for the Inn Between, hospice for the homeless

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Meet our new member Julie Jones!

New Millcreek Rotary member Julie Jones was raised in Cottonwood Heights and currently lives in the Sugarhouse area with her husband, one hound (4 Legs and a Nose), a "teenage" cat, and two bee hives.  She loves all animals, the outdoors, cycling, mountain biking and hiking.  She loves to travel, but she is always happy to come home!  Her favorite way to tour a city is on foot.

Julie has worked in the local tile and floor covering industry for about 30 years and has experience in distribution, as well as commercial and residential estimating, project management and sales.  In her youth, she was a banker! 
She says that for many years, the only thing she knew about Rotary was taking a break at the Rotary Park after biking up City Creek Canyon!  At some point, she learned it is a service organization, but perceived it was a very exclusive club.  Since her friend Jayne Barnett (our President-Elect!) joined the Millcreek Club, she’s gained much better insight into just what a wonderful, hands-on opportunity it is to help others and serve both the local community and others worldwide, which appeals to her. After I learned that Millcreek is the "fun" club and became acquainted with club founder Judy Zone, she attended the Wine Into Water event and was sold!

She cherishes her longtime friends and always looks forward to meeting new ones!

"For no one…….Had quite such pleasant friends as mine, Or loved them half as much as I did."

 Hilaire Belloc

Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 4, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Chris Casper, Dave Chasse, Rose Defa, Ronda Eiting, Marty Gelman, Julie Jones, Frank Lilly, Anita Miner, Justin Powell, Danny Schoenfeld, Laurie Summers, Shannon Tilly, Dave Veenstra, Judy Zone
Guests: David Myers and Debra Rossie-Myers

1. Call to Order Introduction of Club Members and Guests, Four Way Test – Frank/All – Frank thanked Rose for hosting, welcomed members and guests and wished everyone a Happy New Year! All members and guest introduced themselves and gave their history with the club. Recited Four Way Test
2. Business Items:
a) Pinned New Members – Dave Chasse and Dave Veenstra – Frank - Frank introduced and welcomed them to the club. He shared some information about the both of them that he will email to Judy for the blog.
b) Cottonwood Country Club/Possible Future Venue – Frank – CCC is raising their rate 50% trying to negotiate but may look for another place. Judy – nice venue, professional atmosphere, Shannon voiced her opinion about liking it but may also be a turn off to some. Judy mentioned what a “pain in the butt” members bringing food can be! Laurie purposed we negotiate with CCC for the next four to six months and look for a new space. Members agreed to this plan.
c) Service Update – Rose/Chris/Frank - Rose - Hope Lodge is confirmed for the 25th. Plan for about 40. Serving dinner to patients and family in town for treatment. Rose suggested a lighter menu. Rose will send out a sign-up sheet. Plan to arrive at 5:00pm. February. Chris - Sunnyvale Feb 22nd 5-6:30pm – after school program. Will be doing an activity to help them with the iPads we donated and providing snacks. Elementary and secondary school. Frank - Promise Millcreek – will be announced at the opening of the Millcreek City Hall. A lot of the same people.
d) Nominating Committee for Board Positions – Chris – Committee will be meeting tonight to come up with nominations for open board positions. Members will vote at next week’s business meeting.
e) Club Information for New Members and Guest – Judy – Club does a lot of service locally and also international as well. Do refugee work. Dash for donation. Anyone can recommend a service or a social. Judy recommended a dinner for Feb social.
f) Polio Pig/Adjourn – Frank – Club contributed $1,000.00 for 2017

• January 11 - Business Meeting - Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• January 11 - Board Meeting - Cottonwood Country Club (following business meeting)
• January 25 – Service Project – Hope Lodge (providing dinner)

Friday, December 22, 2017

It feels good to give this holiday season!

Thanks to all the Millcreek Rotarians who contributed to two donation drives this holiday season for two refugee families! We donated bedding, clothes and many specific gifts - like Barbie dolls  Thanks, Shannon and Laurie for organizing, and Erica for wrapping the gifts. It feels good to give!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Our holiday party was so much fun!

Thanks to Erica and Roger Wolff who hosted our club's holiday party in their beautiful home. We loved having spouses, significant others, and lots of new & potential members there! Thanks also for everyone who donated to two refugee families we supported with gifts this holiday season. Thanks Shannon & Laurie for coordinating.

Have a merry season everyone!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 8 Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Rose Defa, Denise Chasse, Ronda Eiting, Marty Gelman, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Julie Jones, Frank Lilly, Susan Marks, Anita Miner, Justin Powell, Colby Rider, Danny Schoenfeld, Laurie Summers-Pisani, Shannon Tilly, Judy Zone
Guests: Kajsa Vlasic, Stephanie Barrus, Linda Chamberlain, Sheila Gelman

Of the things we think, say or do: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test/ Introduction of Guests – Margareta /All – Kajsa is Margareta’s daughter – she came to hear Linda’s presentation. Stephanie is a former Youthlinc student and mentor, Sheila is Marty’s wife and came to hear Linda’s presentation.
2. Business Items:
• Induction of New Members – Margareta, Ronda – Margareta introduced and gave a little background on Denise and Julie, pinned them and welcomed them to our club as official members. Dave was traveling and will be inducted in January.
• Operation Santa report - Margareta – Operation was a huge success, 13 members attended plus 1 interact member attended. Chris helped a former member of the club, Gina and her daughter, Sabina, who has special needs. Very touching!
• Call for T-shirt Design – Jayne – Justin has put Jayne in touch with a graphic designer, Mary Buehler, a volunteer through Youthlinc who is help creating a design. Brian Rollo has volunteered to get the shirts and do the printing. Hoping to have them in January.
• Nominating Committee for New Officers/ Committee Chairs – Margareta - Margareta announced the she is taking a job and will be moving to Stockholm, Sweden, she will have to leave her position in January. She discussed finding new officers and chair persons for the
2018/2019 year. Let committee know if you are interested in getting involved. Chris is heading the committee.
• Christmas Party and Sponsorship of Families – Erica, Shannon, Laurie – Passed around a sign-up sheet for the holiday social. Please RSVP to Erica. Marianne and her family and Shannon’s contact – a single mom and her family. Laurie gave an update on Marianne’s family. Laurie and Chris took them Thanksgiving dinner – they are doing well. The oldest, Godan is attending Weber State College.
• Service Update – Rose -Tentative date for taking dinner to Hope Lodge is Thursday, January 25th 2018.
• Presentation of Service Project in Uganda by Linda Chamberlain – Linda is a friend of Anita, she was a French teacher for 50 years. She is doing work with women in Uganda with fistula repair. What they are doing is amazing! The survival rate is over 80% for women who are treated. Linda and her knitting group knit blankets to take and teach the women to knit the blankets. The women love it and find it very therapeutic. Linda had baskets and other things from the area. The proceeds go back to help this cause.
3. Polio Pig/Adjourn- All – No Polio Pig

• December 14 – Holiday Party/ Service Project – Erica, Shannon
• January 4 – Business Meeting (Youthlinc Annex)
• January 11– Business Meetings (Cottonwood Country Club)
• February 1 and 8 – Business Meetings (CCC)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sub for Santa is a huge heart warming success!

Rotary Club of Millcreek partnered with Midvale Club for Sub for Santa this year. Thanks to all the Rotarians who showed up early on Saturday December 2 at Good Will to help with gift distribution, and all the Rotarians who donated warm winter hats.

In attendance on Saturday morning:
Christine Casper + son, Elliott Casper
Jayne Barnett
Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic
Susan Marks
Dave Ruprecht + son Christopher Panuzio 
Denise and Dave Chassey 
Marty Gelman 
Laurie Summers- Pisani 
Rose Defa 
City Academy Interactor Abigail 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Millcreek Rotary Club & our City Academy Interactors work to ensure a warm season for Sunnyvale Center refugees

Through our Friendsgiving social/service/membership event, and our City Academy Interact Club, members and Interactors contributed 25 bags of warm winter clothing: coats, hats, gloves, socks. City Academy provided about 15 of those bags! 

Millcreek Rotarians Rose Defa and Brian Rollo delivered the bags to Sunnyvale refugee Center today. 

Thanks to all who participated!