The foothills of Millcreek Canyon, Utah

The foothills of Millcreek Canyon, Utah

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Please join us for the Fifth Annual Wine into Water, Friday Sept 8 at Tracy Aviary Chase Mill

Please use this link to RSVP

August 10 Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Linda Book, Dianne Cochrane, Chris Casper, Rose Defa, Pablo Fiesta, Frank Lilly, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Susan Marks, Justin Powell, Laurie Summers-Pisani, Shannon Tilly, Michele Wright
Guests: Gene Cochrane, Ed Christy, David Veenstra, Julee Attig

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests – Margareta/Frank – Frank introduced Julee and David. Julee and Frank worked together at the State. David and Frank went to high school together and after several years of not seeing each other reconnected on Face Book. David has taken a job at Kearns High School as a Geography teacher. Went on the club hike and picnic and really enjoyed it and the other club members he met. Came to check out the club.
2. Buisness Items:
a) Introduction of District Governor Bev Christy – Margareta – Bev is a long time Rotarian over 20 years. She is now retired and living in St. George.
b) Presentation by DG Bev Christy – Bev was a charter member of Millcreek Rotary in the beginning. She is traveling across the state visiting all the clubs. She gave an update on Rotary International (RI) and explained how they have loosened the rules reducing the fees and making meetings not mandatory so that we can be more inclusive. Bev is pushing inclusiveness. She wants to include people from all walks of life! Rotary Making a Difference is the theme. Showed a video with RI 2017-18 President, Ian H.S. Riseley. He wants every district to plant a tree. Youth groups handling this project, touched on tracking hours to promote rotary’s public image and wants to recruit more youth! Bev gave a number to text to become a member of Mentoring Hub to mentor youth. She spoke about the importance of Satellite Clubs and the being open to it. Announced and spoke about the District 5420 Conference in April – Springdale Utah. Talked about the movement to bring more women in as leaders in Rotary. Losing a lot of members in the United States. Mentioned that there has never been a woman RI President. Question
was asked by Susan and Frank about how to advocate for change? How to get more balance at the top? Bev said to send comments to her sharing your feelings about making changes.
c) Wine2Water Short Update – Margareta, Chris – Coming quickly! Remember to promote and sell tickets!!! Only 47 sold and some donations. Laurie suggested printing some hard tickets to sell. Margareta will print some and bring them to the installation dinner. Reminded everyone to bring a bottle of wine to the dinner for the opportunity drawing.
d) Installation Dinner – Chris - Reminded everyone to bring $25.00 cash to pay for dinner if you haven’t paid Chris.
e) Upcoming Service Projects 2017/2018 – Rose – Calendar is almost complete for the year. Rose discussed a few of the projects we will be doing.
f) District Luncheon – Jayne – October 7, 2017 at the Noah Event Center, Lindon UT. Cost is $25.00 per ticket. Club will be paying for 10 members to attend. Online registration is now open.
g) Other Business – Justin – Justin read the thank you note from Lilly White for the club’s sponsorship of her Cambodia Youthlinc trip.

• August 17 – Installation Dinner 6 PM Café Niche (bring $25.00 cash if you haven’t paid Chris)
• September 8 – Wine into Water 2017, Tracy Aviary at 5:30 PM
• September 11 – Board Meeting at Even Stevens
• September 14 – Next Business Mtg – Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• October 6 – Service Project – The Inn Between (details will follow – we need volunteers!)
• October 7 – District Luncheon 11 AM

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wine into Water this year is for water in Cambodia

Please see below for some pictures of the village in Cambodia where we will be doing this year's water project.

The 2017 Millcreek Rotary Club's Global Grant will help 50 families, a community of 600 people, gain permanent access to reliable clean water, improving health and sanitation. 

The villagers from Kom Pong Stoung are working with Sustainable Cambodia (a Rotary funded NGO) to raise a share of what it takes to bring wells, bio-sand filters, and latrines to their community. Local villagers must provide 10-15% of the cost of these items in order to qualify for SC and the funds from this Global Grant to move forward with building. 

Millcreek Club is working with Pursat Rotary Club and Sustainable Cambodia, to fund and install approximately:

  • 15 wheel pump wells
  • 50 bio-sand filter units
  • 50 household latrines
  • 2 community ponds
  • 10 rooftop rainwater harvest systems

 Looking forward to seeing you at this years event!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Business meeting Minutes August 3, 2017

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Linda Book, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Ronda Eiting, Pablo Fiesta, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Susan Marks, Anita Miner, Justin Powell, Danny Schoenfeld, Michele Wright, John Zone, Judy Zone
Guests: Gene Cochrane, Jake Via, Lisa Schneider

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests – Margareta/All
2. Buisness Items:
a) Introduction of guest Jake Vida and Lisa Schneider – Jake is checking out the club as a potential new member. Works for Playworks (non-profit) recess consultant, wife grew up in Mexico as a Rotarac – got excited about Rotary while watching something about Rotary and wanted to check it out. Margareta gave a brief intro on our club and what we are about and that our main focus is service but we like to have fun and socialize too. Lisa was introduced by Susan. Lisa was referred by Tomoko Schlag who is a member of the Park City Sunrise Club and a close friend of Susan’s brother. Tomoko thought she would like our club. Lisa works in non-profit and is part of a women’s giving group in Park City. Judy gave the potential members a brief history of Millcreek Rotary and explained that our costs are very low.
b) Presentation of banner from Madagascar – Paul - Paul presented the flag from Madagascar Rotary Club he was given while there on a Youthlinc trip. He worked in 2 villages. One of the villages takes up to 50 minutes to get water. Did health fair and carnival. The villagers really only wanted a bar of soap, toothpaste and toothbrush. In need of a lot of help. Have a problem with thieves taking their stuff. Very humbling experience for Paul, it made him appreciate how good we have it here. It was explained to guests that each club has a banner and they share it with visitors when they visit.
c) Social Update – Margareta – Wine into Water, Friday, September 8th. This is the clubs 5th year of having this event. Everyone is working on their items. We’re getting there! Reminded everyone to invite and sell tickets. The goal is 170 people. Linda Book is doing the flowers for the wine tables. Justin offered some center pieces Youthlinc has that can be used for the other tables. Jayne and Michele will coordinate. Adding opportunity
drawing, a basket or wagon filled with wine. Each member was asked to bring their favorite inexpensive wine to donate.
d) Service Update – Rose, Linda – Linda reminded everyone about the “Dash for Donation” Run/Walk, Sugarhouse Park, Saturday, August 5, 2017. Registration starts at 7:00 AM. It supports organ donations and recipients. Calls attention for the need of organ donations. Easy to register. Follow link and look for Children’s Hospital team. Rose gave update on Service Committee letting everyone know that we about have the whole year planned and she will be present the Service Year outline for the upcoming year very soon.
e) District Lunch – Jayne – Just a reminder that the “All Clubs” luncheon will be on Saturday, October 7th from 11:00-2:00 PM This year’s theme is Celebrating 30 Years of Women in Rotary. Have shared the save the date with information on how you can register. Tickets are $40.00, no tables option this year. More information to follow.
f) RYLA – Margareta – hoping to sponsor a couple of kids from City Academy. Working with Sonja to recruit some kids. RYLA is a leadership award for kids and will be the end of September. They are looking for clubs to offer volunteers to help with the event.
g) Club T-Shirts – Jayne – Thought it would be nice to have an inexpensive t-shirt for members to have and wear while we are doing service projects etc. Justin is going to help and look into what he can get them for and work with Jayne. We will report back.
h) Other Business – Margareta and Judy – Margareta reminded members that District Governor, Bev Christy will be at next week’s meeting and encouraged everyone to come and to also RSVP when they get her reminder email! Board Meeting will be held at 4:30 PM right before the business meeting. Judy let everyone know that all the laptops have been delivered!!!
3.Polio Pig/Adjourn – All

• August 10 – DGE Bev Christy will visit the Millcreek Rotary Club (Board Meeting at 4:30 PM and Business Meeting at 5:30PM)
• August 17 – Installation Dinner 6 PM Café Niche
• September 8 – Wine into Water 2017, Tracy Aviary at 5:30 PM

Saturday, July 22, 2017

July and August service projects!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Ronald McDonald House service project this month. We had 13 members and a guest put on a delicious spread that served about 50 family members staying there with children facing a medical crisis.  It was a success: we impacted 50 lives, we had great participation by the club, and a beautiful opportunity to get to visit with each other! Thank you to Jennie for organizing this activity.

Linda Book has suggested a project for August that supports the Utah Donor Registry.  If you can come, we can help those who are in need of organ transplants and honor organ donors. You would be responsible for registering yourself for either the 5K "dash” or the 2K walk. You can also volunteer for setup. If you register for the Primary Children’s Team (It’s Go Time”) we could represent the Club as a group. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here  are the details and a link to the registration site.
Sugarhouse Park on August 5 at 8 am. Registration and shirts: 7 am
$25 before July 29 and $30 afterwards. Includes shirt.
Register under the Primary Children's Team "It's Go Time” at
Volunteers also appreciated for set up 6 am.

For more information about the Utah Donor Registry and the event: or google Dash for Donation Utah 2017.

The Service Committee will present a number of projects to club members for the coming year during our August business meetings. Stay tuned!

Here are some pics from the Ronald McDonald service project:

Save the Date to Celebrate: Women in Rotary! All Clubs Luncheon October 7

Business Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2017

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Chris Casper, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Jennie Ferguson, Marty Gelman, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Frank Lilly, Anita Miner, Colby Rider, Danny Schoenfeld, Erica Wolff, Michelle Wright
Guests: Gene Cochrane

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests - Margareta
2. Welcome to Magnolia Darlene and Eowyn Virginia, Justin and Britnie’s darling little twin girls!
3. Introduction of new member Erica Wolff – Margareta – Erica was sponsored by Margareta. Margareta awarded Erica with her new member folder, pin and flag, gave the group a brief intro about Erica – She is from Sweden, loves traditions, outdoors, photography, loves to visit Sweden and traveling with her husband, Roger and their family. Group welcomed her as RCOM latest member!
4. W2W 2017 Planning, Invitation – Margareta, Chris, Dianne – Setting up Face Book Event Page – Michelle Wright will be the administrator. Chris and Dianne are working on the invitation. Dianne’s son in NY has volunteered to get it set up for free. It should be ready in the next couple of days. Jayne talked about some concern from members about not having enough food. It was discussed among the group and decided the food will be adjusted as numbers start coming in for ticket sales. Still need a volunteer(s) for flowers. Approx. 25 small center pieces needed for tables etc. (No volunteers yet)
5. Club Finances – Frank – Frank went over the budget in great detail. It was discussed and voted on unanimously to adopt the budget. Chris motioned for the vote and Rose 2nded it.
6. Global Grants (International Service) – Frank – funded 2 wells. Frank reminded the group that Rotary International charges 5% for the grants. Pictures of Cambodia project will be included in the marketing efforts of W2W 2017.
7. Social Update – Frank – Frank reminded every one of the Picnic and hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Hike at 1:00 PM at (Brighton Ski parking lot), picnic at 5:30 PM at Spruces. Frank is providing burgers and brats and everyone else will provide sides etc. He will send out a reminder and details.
8. District Luncheon – Jayne – Save the Date for All Clubs luncheon on Sat. October 7, 2017, Celebrating 30 years of Women in Rotary. Details to follow.
9. RYLA – Margareta - RYLA is in need of clubs volunteering to help with this event Sept. 16-18th, Margareta will talk to Brian Rollo about getting youth club volunteers to help.

• July 23 – Picnic and hike with Frank in the mountains; hike at 1:00 PM (Brighton Ski Resort parking lot), picnic at 5:30 pm at the Spruces Campground
• August 3 – Business Meeting CCC 5:30 PM
• August 5 - “Dash for Donation” Run/Walk, Sugarhouse Park, registration starts 7 AM (Linda)
• August 10 – DG Bev Christy to visit Millcreek Rotary Club, CCC (Board meeting at 4:30 PM, Business Meeting at 5:30 PM)
• August 17 – Installation Dinner6 PM Café Niche – Chris