The foothills of Millcreek Canyon, Utah

The foothills of Millcreek Canyon, Utah

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tracy Aviary service project, Thursday June 22

For our last service project of the Rotary year, we are helping the Tracy Aviary maintain their "Teaching Stream" where kids interact with nature.  We will work with the Aviary horticulture staff to help clean and restructure the stream bed.

Please come to the entrance gate on Thursday June 22 at 5 p.m. if possible.  Someone will be there to let us in through 5:30, and call me on my cell 801-244-3664 if you arrive after 5:30.  The address is 589 East 1300 South, SLC 84105.  The volunteer coordinator said they will provide tools and water; I suggest we bring our own gloves.  We are so appreciative that the Aviary is again hosting our Wine into Water event that we wanted to "give back."

Hope to see you all there.  We will be finished by 8 p.m. at the latest, and will plan to go out for pizza afterward if anyone is interested!  

Thanks for a great year of supporting our Service projects.

Jennie Ferguson
Local Service Chair

Monday, June 12, 2017

June 1 & 8 Business Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting
June 1, 2017

Attendees: Linda Book, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Jennie Ferguson, Danny Schoenfeld, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Judy Zone, John Zone

Guests: Gene Cochrane, Erica Wolff

1.      Call to Order, Four-Way Test/Rotary Moment, and Introduction of Guests: Margareta

2.      Business Items:
W2W: Judy reminded people to mark their calendars for Friday September 8, 5:30 – 8 pm at Tracy Aviary. Judy reviewed the expectation for club member participation. She asked for reports from W2W Committee members:
Dianne: Save the date has gone out via email to part participants. Theme: Great Wines at a Great Price will be added to invitation.
Judy: (for Laurie): Locating good quality wines and other liquors.
Rose: Will start looking for donations for task items and then locate others. She will talk to Laure about popup tents. Margareta has our two tents in her garage.
Shannon and Anita:  Have secured entertainment.
Jennie:  Will send information to Margareta for sign for opportunity drawing.

3.      Social Update:
June – Danny has arranged for Top Golf on June 29, time TBD, 920 Rivergate Drive 84047.
July – Frank arranging a hike.

4.      Local Service Update:
June – Jennie arranged for activity at Tracy Aviary, June 22. We can enter between 5 and 5:30 pm.  Bring gloves, they will provide tools. Jennie will send details.
July – Cook at the Ronald McDonald House.

Upcoming Key Events
Ø  June 8 – Business Meeting
Ø  June 22– garden work at Tracy Aviary
Ø  June 29 – Business Meeting

Action Items
All: Mark your calendar for W2W; start talking to friends and family!
Rose will talk to Laure about popup tents.
Jennie will send information to Margareta for signs for opportunity drawing.

Jennie will send details about Tracy Aviary service project.

Business Meeting
June 8, 2017

Attendees:  Jayne Barnett, Linda Book, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Ronda Eiting, Jennie Ferguson, Laurie Summers-Pisani,  Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Michelle Wright

Guests: Gene Cochrane, Erica Wolff

1.      Call to Order, Four-Way Test/Rotary Moment, and Introduction of Guests: Chris asked Erica, who plans to join later this month to tell a little about herself. Erica talked about coming to the U.S. and starting a school for Swedish students. She said she is joining Rotary because of her love of service.

Chris asked the club to be thinking of Cesar – his son has been diagnosed with a serious illness. She mentioned Shannon is at International Conference, attending with her father.

2.      Business Items:
Local Service Update:
Chris gave a shout out to Jennie for her excellent work over the last year as Service Chair, especially arranging a variety of activities that appealed to members.
June – Jennie arranged for activity at Tracy Aviary, June 22. We can enter between 5 and 5:30 pm.  Bring gloves, they will provide tools. Jennie will send details.
July – Cooking a noon meal at the Ronald McDonald House. Members each volunteered to be responsible for parts of the meal. (Items prepared at home cannot be brought in – must be commercially packaged or cooked onsite.)
Social Update:
June – Danny has arranged for Top Golf on June 29, 5:30 pm, 920 Rivergate Drive 84047. Rotary will pay for the bays; members can purchase food and beverages at the venue.
July – Frank arranging a hike.
District Grant: Chris and Margareta are working on the application for the 2017-18 District grant. The application is due July 1st. Chris and Margareta presented some ideas and asked for input:

  1. Margareta has contacted Caren Frost at University of Utah, Center for Research on Migration & Refugee Integration.The project we would like to be involved in would preferably support education but also continue on the path to support refugees. Caren Frost suggested that we contact Alexx Goeller, who works with refugee youth.
  2. Margareta has also been in contact with Shelly Burningham at Youthlinc (Shelly is the Real Life Program Director) regarding contacts and ideas for Community Centers working with the refugee population and in need of support. Shelly responded and verified that many of the centers they work with need computers and kindle fires for homework. Some community centers are well equipped, but others have no computers at all. Shelly can direct us to the right people.
  3. Chris has been in contact with Salt Lake County for ideas on projects in need of support. One idea is to assist with a proposed Farmers Market at Sunnyvale Park, adjacent to Sunnyvale Community Center where we have assisted with after-school activities in the past. The suggestion was that we could assist with children’s activities during the Farmer’s Market and use our grant for supplies. 
  4. Michelle suggested the Women’s Center in Midvale and she will look into that.

W2W: Chris reminded people to mark their calendars for Friday September 8, 5:30 – 8 pm at Tracy Aviary. She will send more detail that members can use to interest people in attending. Discussed the baskets; members liked the idea of four baskets to include a Wine basket.

Chris turned the meeting over to Margareta to make comments as the incoming president. Margareta discussed the meeting schedule and possible changes to when and where to hold board meetings. One Board meeting per month could be more extensive and held at a Board member's house. The other meetings could be more informal and be held at a coffee shop alternatively before or after a regular business meeting. Margareta will present her idea at the next board meeting.

Chris talked about how close we are to receiving the Presidential Citation and that she is working on finalizing members and accomplishments. She said the District Conference in Park City was outstanding with many key motivational speakers such as Martin Frey and Shannon Bahrke.

Upcoming Key Events
Ø  June 22– garden work at Tracy Aviary
Ø  June 29 – Social Event at Top Golf, 5:30 pm
Ø  July 6 and 13 – Business Meetings
Ø  July 15 – Service at Ronald McDonald House, making lunch for 40 people, 11 am – 1:30 pm
Ø  August 17 – Installation Dinner, Café Niche, 5:30 pm, detail coming

Action Items
All: Mark your calendar for W2W; start talking to friends and family!

Michelle to look into Women’s Center needs.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

July Social: Brighton Lakes Trail Hike and BBQ at the Spruces on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Greetings, all:

Happy Summer! One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to do a hike and a picnic in the mountains! 

I'd like to host a hike and a BBQ picnic in Big Cottonwood Canyon this year - I have a picnic area (Group Area 8) at the Spruces Campgrond reserved for us on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Please gather at 5:30, and we will start cooking. Our campground is available all day, under my name, so if you want to come early, please do. 

I will bring bratwurst and some Italian sausages, as well as the charcoal to get us started. I will need volunteers for the following:

1) Burgers
2) Buns for the sausages and the burgers
3) Water and other non-alcoholic beverages to share
4) Ice
5) Condiments - mustard, ketchup, relish, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese
6) Salads - green, potato, pasta, etc.
7) Sweets!
8) Wine and beer, if you like, and if you want to share. 

One of my favorite hikes ever is the Brighton Lakes hike, which culminates at Lake Catherine. It's about 4.5 miles round trip, and is easy to moderate. If you want to join me on this hike, meet me at 1:00 at the Brighton Ski Resort parking lot. Here's information on this iconic Utah hike:

This is a great opportunity to bring a guest who might be interested in Rotary, and also to bring family and kids. Please let me know if you are coming no later than  Monday, July 17, so that I and the other food volunteers know how much to bring. 

I love this event and I look forward to seeing you all! 



Friday, June 2, 2017

Millcreek Rotarian receives 2017 Rotarian of the Year Award

Each year, Utah Rotary honors a Rotarian who has contributed much to the District. Millcreek Rotarian Judy has been a Rotarian since 2001. She has served as District Public Relations Chair and as an Assistant District Governor. She founded and chartered the Millcreek Rotary Club in 2011, and helped form the Rotary Club of Meru, Kenya in 2007. 

She has advised many Utah Rotary clubs on the formation of high school Rotary clubs, known as Interact clubs. Through her work with Youthlinc, a Utah based nonprofit dedicated to creating lifetime humanitarians, she has not only provided opportunities for thousands of Utah youth to become dedicated local & international humanitarians, she has afforded people of all ages a chance to learn more about the good Rotary International does in this state and in this world.

District Governor Shaun Michel (to the right in the photo below) and incoming District Governor Beverly Christy (to the left in the photo below) gave Judy the award at our District Conference on Saturday May 20. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Great service project for Mother's Day

What an amazing turn out and feel good project on Thursday May 4 – a big SHOUT OUT to Laurie for hosting us at her home.  We made over 60 gift bags for underprivileged moms and the end product was a gift bag every mom would enjoy.  Thanks for the generous donations of time and supplies. 

Many of you mentioned you hadn’t received the memo with the details for volunteering at the event or donating cash.  Please see the information below.  In addition to the gift bags, we will be donating $500 from our Club to help fund the lunches.  Please let Jennie know if you plan to volunteer next week.  I plan to volunteer as well as Shannon.  Kudos to Cesar Diaz for his efforts every year for this event.  
Christine Casper, Club President

Service Project:
There are many wonderful Mothers in our community who are going through hard times; facing big challenges. Many of them are away from their home or country and many which are single parents and/or unemployed. We would like to help these beautiful women celebrate Mother’s Day by bringing them together for a small retreat to honor them. This event will include a delicious lunch, a musical program, and a gift bag filled with items to pamper themselves.

Selection of the Mothers:
Every single Family we served lives below the poverty level, the organizations we help each year are:
La Casa del Pueblo, South Valley Domestic Violence Shelter, Liberian Women & Refugees, International Rescue Committee, Family Support Center/Life Start Village, Holy Cross Ministries, Utah Health & Human Rights Refugees, The Road Home, House of Hope, Utah Family Center, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, YWCA, Pregnancy Resource Center, Asian Association of Utah Refugees, Odyssey House, Families in need from the Wasatch, Bryant & Lincoln Schools and Comunidades Unidas

2017 Service Project:  Our goal is to serve 500 women in need.

PROJECT:        Mother’s Day Service Project
DATE:                     Saturday May 13th, 2017
TIME:                11:45AM – 2PM
PLACE:              BRYANT Middle School
                             40 South 800 East, Salt Lake UT

Photos from our service project:

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Business Meeting April 13, 2017 Cottonwood Club

Attendees: Chris Casper, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Cesar Diaz, Jennie Ferguson, Marty Gelman, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Frank Lilly, Justin Powell, Brian Rollo, Michelle Wright

Guests: Gene Cochrane, Lydia Rollo

1.      Call to Order, Four-Way Test – Chris
2.      Lydia Rollo, Rotary Youth Exchange 2015-16 – Lydia shared pictures of her year in France as a Rotary Youth Exchange student. She attended Lycee Camille See School in Colmar, a city of about 80,000 people; there are three Rotary Clubs in Colmar.  One of the three families she stayed with belonged to Rotary. She met many other inbound exchange students and participated in weekend trips to other places in the region. She described Christmas in Paris as a highlight.  She will be going to Brazil this summer to do service work for the New Generations program.

3.      Business Items:
Local Service Update:
April 22, 9:30 am: Jennie reported that she had confirmed the project at Veterans nursing home; Laurie talked directly with the coordinator there to finalize details. (Note: Even with numerous contact with the Veteran’s coordinator, the Veterans nursing home was not ready for the 17 members and guests who were there on Saturday, but it provided an opportunity for fellowship, coordinating on other projects, and meeting Interactors.)

May 4: Business meeting and social to gather items for the Mother’s Day project. (Note: this will be held at Laurie’s home, not the Cottonwood Club.) Most attendees are high need, each will receive a small gift with personal items.  Cesar encouraged Rotary members to attend and help at the event on May 13, 12 – 2 pm. Location to be announced.

International Update:
Justin reported that there is just one more approval needed for the money to be available for the Madagascar project. He is also seeking a new grant a new project in Cambodia.

Chris will be handling the publicity; she hopes to include photos of past projects in the Save the Date.  She asked members to work with Judy on committee assignments.

Polio Pig was passed for member donations.

Upcoming Key Events

Ø  April 22 Earth Day, 9 am to noon – paint/plant flower boxes and do other chores as requested at VA nursing home
Ø  Business meeting and social for Mother’s Day project – May, 6 pm. Laurie’s home, 355 Crestline Circle, cell phone, 801-455-1242
Ø  Business meeting May 11, Cottonwood Club
Ø  May 13  – support Cesar's Mother’s Day program
Ø  May 18-20 – District Conference in Park City.  You can register for District Conference here:

Ø  June – garden work at Tracy aviary date TBD.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Business Meeting MInutes March 9, 2017

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Linda Book, Chris Casper, Rose Defa, Marty Gelman, Frank Lilly, Susan Marks, Rebekah Meads, Anita Miner, Justin Powell, Brian Rollo, Dave Ruprecht, Danny Schoenfeld, Laurie Summers-Pisani, Shannon Tilly, Michelle Wright

Guest: Richard Schwartz

1.      Call to Order, Four-Way Test, and Guest Introductions – Chris Casper

2.      Induction of New Member – Michelle Wright

3.      Business Items:

“Get Connected” stations for members to complete their profiles, signup for AutoPay, and brainstorm/suggest ideas for the next year’s socials.

**If you were unable to attend the business meeting on March 9 and have not set up your RI Profile, contact Rose or Susan. This is one our Presidential Citation goals – for every member to complete a profile.

4.      Business Item from March 2 Business Meeting
Earl Tilly, Shannon’s father, made a presentation during the March 2 business meeting about the work of StoveTeam International. He spoke about a project in Estelli, Nicaragua. The project helps poor families create income for schools, healthcare, homes, and educational programs. The Ananza StoveTeam built a factory to manufacture stoves that emit clean energy and that benefits people with cleaner air and better health. He asked Rotary of Millcreek’s support for the project, suggesting an individual donation of $50. The tax deductible donation can be made at or by mailing a check to:

StoveTeam International
P.O. Box 51025
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Upcoming Key Events

Ø  **NEW DATE** March 30, 4:15 pm – read to students from Kindles at Woodrow Wilson Community Center
Ø  April 3 – Board meeting
Ø  April 6 and 13  – business meeting, Cottonwood Club, 5:30 pm
Ø  April 22 Earth Day, 9 am to noon – paint/plant flower boxes and do other chores as requested at VA nursing home
Ø  April Social TBD
Ø  May 13  – support Cesar's Mother’s Day program

Ø  June – garden work at Tracy aviary date TBD.