Club photo

Club photo
Volunteering at Casino Night for the Inn Between, hospice for the homeless

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

And the final dress is:

Thanks so much to all the members who gathered dresses for Delphine (one of the members of the family from Tanzania that we sponsor) to try on for prom! Special thanks to Laurie Pisani, Christine Casper, Brian Rollo, Danny Schoenfeld, Ronda Eiting - and anyone I've missed who helped!

Monday, March 12, 2018

March 8, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Chris Casper, Rose Defa, Ronda Eiting, Julie Jones, Frank Lilly, Susan Marks, Justin Powell, Brian Rollo, Danny Schoenfeld, Laurie Summers-Pisani, Dave Veenstra, Erica Wolff, John Zone, Judy Zone

Visitors: Lucas Goodrich, Atticus Powell and Shaun Michel (Past District Governor)

a. Four Way Test
Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

b. Visitor Introductions: Lucas Goodrich recently moved into the area and is looking to join rotary. He has a relative who is a Rotarian. He found the information about our club and thought it might be a good fit. Came to check it out. Shaun Michel (PDG) gave a presentation and shared his personal experience and growth through Rotary. He has traveled the world and has always been welcomed by Rotary Clubs. He presented Chris with the Presidential Citation and spoke about the great accomplishments Millcreek Rotary has accomplished. 100% to the Rotary Foundation, (which is rare) 2017 Club of the Year. Played a video about how Rotary is helping to eradicate Polio around the world. Final message was: Giving is the greatest gift! Keep giving!

c. Finance Update – Danny Finances are looking good. He will email a full update. Club has approx. $10,000 for service projects. Working with Frank to pay the 4th quarter dues.

d. March Service Project – Jayne - Utah Food Bank - Thursday, March 22nd 2018 6:00-7:30pm. I will email a reminder Monday, March 19th to get a final head count. Please plan to attend if you can!

e. Committee Updates: Running short on time. See important event dates below.

3. Upcoming Events
a. March 13 – Board Meeting
b. March 22 – Service Project at Utah Food Bank
c. March 29 - Social – March 29th Snowshoe and dinner at Shannon’s w/Millcreek Mayor
d. April 4th – Business Meeting – Presentation by the SLC Department of Airports

Friday, March 9, 2018

We miss our Past President Margareta Vlasic!

We all miss Margareta Vlasic, as she spends a year in Stockholm with her new job. She found a Rotary Club to attend there, Stockholm International. These people look almost as nice as we are! xoxox, Margareta!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Business/Service meeting with Rock Rotary Club minutes

Attendees: Frank Lily, Susan Marks, Laurie Summers-Pisani, Erica Wolff, Ronda Eiting, Judy Zone, Dave Veenstra, Shannon Tilly, Dave Chasse, Denise Chasse, Brian Rollo, Justin Powell, Dave Ruprecht, Linda Book
Guests: Several members of the Rock Rotary Club
  1. Call to order, Four Way Test – Frank.  Visitor Introductions – Shannon introduced and welcomed Rock Rotary Members.
  2.  Business Items:  Voted on change to bylaws, increase admission fees for new members going forward, from $15.00 to $ 40.00.  This was unanimously approved. 
  3. Rock Rotary representative explained their non-traditional approach to Rotary and then both clubs’ members introduced themselves to the group.
  4. Days For Girls spokesperson presented a slide show and video about the period kits and the girls that need them so they don’t miss school every month.  She then explained how the pad holders work and then put us all to work trimming and folding, putting supplies into the bags (wash cloth, soap, underwear, pads).
  5. Frank has a surprise to share at the March 8 business meeting, so be sure to attend!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Great evening of service & fellowship with Rock Rotary Club

Great combined meeting with Rock Rotary Club last night. We made feminine hygiene kits for the Days for Girls organization, providing these items to girls in developing countries. Great service project & fellowship! Thanks Shannon Tilly for organizing!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

IPads for Sunnyvale Refugee Center make a great literacy gift, District Grant items, and service project for our club!

Much thanks to the Rotary Club of Millcreek members who participated in our service project Thursday afternoon February 22 at Sunnyvale Refugee Center. Our District Grant bought iPads loaded with apps for the kids who use the Center for afterschool programming, reading and homework help. The iPads were one part of the kick off of our literacy focused gift:  

The kids used the iPads for a fun activity with the HeadsUp App, wrote and decorated thank you cards for a teacher, parent, or someone else. And we played creative and fun games that used up some energy and had some yummy treats provided by our members!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Photos from faraway: A Madagascar community celebrates the clean water & sanitation received through our RI Global Grant

Rotary Club of Millcreek is proud to have partnered with Youthlinc and Rotary Club Antananarivo Ambohitsorohitra last year to help with a Global Grant helping bring clean water and improved sanitation to the Mahereza Commune. 

Thanks to Sylvia Jessen of the Holladay Rotary of Utah for helping provide iPads to high school students at LMA Ampefiloha. They were thrilled to receive them. 

Scroll through the pictures to see a celebration including representatives from the Malagasy government, Rotary International, many students, and journalists.

Thank you to Park City Sunrise Rotary Club and Utah Rotary District 5420 for their support on that grant, as well!