Club photo

Club photo
Volunteering at Casino Night for the Inn Between, hospice for the homeless

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Business Meeting Minutes October 12, 2017

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Dianne Cochrane, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Justin Powell, Brian Rollo, Danny Schoenfeld, Laurie Summers, Erica Wolff, Judy Zone
Guests: Dave Chasse, Jose Velasco, Jonathan Ebert, Annelise Ebert

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests – Margareta/All – Recited Four Way Test as a group. Margareta welcomed our four Guest - David Chasse – second visit, came to Wine into Water. Johnathan and Annelise Ebert, RYLA students the club sponsored and Jose Velasco.

2. Business Items:
a) Report by RYLA students Annelise and Jonathan – Margareta - Thanked members for sponsoring. It was a very eye-opening experience. Jonathan -his RYLA experience had a bigger impact than his humanitarian trips. They enjoyed meeting kids from different walks of life and means and was great to meet a lot of new kids and make new friends. Culture walk showed the different kind of situations and problems people were dealing with. Enjoyed the speakers. Held in Heber at an LDS camp. About 200 kids plus about 20 adults. Referral came through the district. Both are interested in continuing on the rotary track. Annelise hopes to get a club at Olympus next year.
b) Budget Update and Report from W2W – Frank – he will email his update to the club members. He was not able to make the meeting.
c) Service Project Update and Impact – Margareta - Gave a review of the project we have done so far. August, Ronald McDonald House, Dash for Donation, September, Wine Into Water, October, The Inn Between Fundraiser– (they raised over $20,000) thank you to service committee!
d) Report District Luncheon – Jayne, Laurie – Very well attended. Over 250 members attended, good mix of men and women, younger and older members from all over the state. Jennifer Jones was great! Panel was great! Awards and program ran a little too long.
e) Operation Santa, Dec 2nd – Jose Velasco, Midvale Rotary Club (Chris) - This project attracts people! Other clubs are trying to model a project of their own. Bridges the community, families are brought into the store just for them, approximately 110 kids from all over the valley, choose low income families who are in need and would otherwise go without. It is a time that the kids come into the Good Will Thrift Store and do the shopping for themselves and their family. Interaction with the police or firefighters is very special. Police officers are very sensitive to what is going on within the family and their situation. The budget of $5,000.00 goes a long way! Very humbling experience! Can donate cash plus whatever the club wants to donate. Jose also mentioned a Rotaract Club trip for next June to Mexico – email Jose for more details.
f) October Social, Oct. 14th – Shot Ski in Park City - Laurie - fundraiser for Park City Sunrise – meeting at the PC high school at 11:15 AM
g) Membership/Social/Service Party, Nov. 14th – Margareta - November Friendsgiving on Nov 6th at Judy’s house 6-8PM. It will count for our November Social and Service. Will be collecting coat, sweaters, hats, gloves and socks for Sunnyvale. Judy suggested that we keep program short and sweet!
h) Christmas Party incl. sponsorship of family – Erica, Shannon - Christmas Party – Erica’s house Thursday, Dec 14th Shannon - sponsorship of a family (details to follow)
i) Items left at W2W – Margareta – reminded everyone that she still has items left from W2W.

3. Pollio Pig/Adjourn

• Business Meeting November 2nd - @ Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• Board Meeting – November 6th – Judy’s House 6 PM
• November 14 – Membership/Social/Service Party at Judy’s house
• December 2 – Operation Santa, Midvale Rotary Club
• December 4 – Board Meeting – Margareta’s house 6 PM
• December 7 – Business Meeting – Cottonwood Country Club 5:30 PM
• December 14 – Christmas Social and Service – Erica’s House

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Millcreek Rotary helps Park City Sunrise Club break the record for Shot Ski!

Millcreek Club helped Park City Sunrise Club break the record for Shot Ski (# of folks taking a beer shot off skiis) Saturday October 14 at noon on Park City's main street! Here's some photos to explain what the heck that looks like!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Millcreek Club at All Clubs Luncheon celebrating 30 years of women in Rotary

We are a club with 2/3 of our members who are female, so attending All Clubs Luncheon on Saturday October 7 to celebrate 30 years of women in Rotary was quite appropos!

Over 200 Rotarians and guests attended All Clubs Luncheon. Past Rotary International Vice President Jennifer Jones addressed the crowd, and there was a panel of Rotarians who discussed issues around growing Rotary. Each club recognized an outstanding woman Rotarian in their club.

Our club celebrated Millcreek Rotarian Shannon Tilly, an OB-Gyn for high risk pregnancies. Shannon is a second generation Rotarian. She was a Rotary Youth Exchange student to Spain and has hosted an exchange student for our club. She is a Paul Harris Fellow, served as our club's membership chair, and has attended Rotary International Conventions in Lisbon and Atlanta. She is always there when we need her. We love her, her husband Craig and her adorable son Sam.

Shannon Tilly & Sam

District Governor Bev Christy introduces past RI VP Jennifer Jones

Past RI VP Jones addresses the crowd

A panel of Rotarians discussed issues of growing membership

Millcreek Rotarians in attendance. Not pictured: Jayne Barnett & Judy Zone

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 5th Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Linda Book, Dianne Cochrane, Rose Defa, Marty Gelman, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Anita Miner, Justin Powell, Laurie Summers, Danny Schoenfeld, Shannon Tilly, Michele Wright, Erica Wolff, Sonja Woodbury, Judy Zone, John Zone
Guests: Dave and Denise Chasse, Gene Cochrane

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests – Margareta/All – Recited Four Way Test as a group. Two Guest – Denise and David Chasse - Friends of Chris. Came to Wine into Water. They are empty nesters and are looking for a new area to volunteer and get involved with service.

2. Buisness Items:
a) Rotary Club of Millcreek News! – Margareta Rotary Club of Millcreek was mentioned in the Newsletter several times – Club of the Year, Wine into Water, Chris was the Rotarian of the month etc. Thank you to Judy who is in charge of the Newsletter.
b) RYLA Update – Margareta - Brian not here to report. It was explained to guest what RYLA is and how the club sponsors a high school age kid to go. This year we sponsored two. Hoping to have the kids report that we sponsor. Margareta shared a letter from the kid’s mom letting the club know how much they enjoyed the conference and interacting with a lot of different kid.
c) October Service Project – Rose, Jayne – Rose gave a report of the service projects we have lined up throughout the year. Jayne gave an explanation about the October service project, setting up for The Inn Between’s fundraiser on Friday, October 6th from 4-6PM at St. Vincent de Paul – 1385 E. Spring Ln, Holladay, UT
d) District Luncheon – Oct. 7th – Jayne - Celebrating 30 Years of Women in Rotary – Still have a few spots that the club sponsored available. Extended an invitation to any of the club members who are available to come
e) October Social: Shot Ski in Park City – Laurie and Dianne – Oct 14th – Shot Ski in Park City, get signed up. Danny gave a breakdown of the different prices. Fundraiser for Park City Sunrise Club. Laurie will send out the meeting spot for the club. Register at
f) Membership/Social/Service Party, Nov. 14th – Margareta – An opportunity to bring friends etc. who are potential new members. Have a presentation about the club and our membership etc. Doing a coat and sweaters for a drive for Sunnyvale Community Center. Laurie volunteered to bring her truck and do the delivery. Shared with the club the conversation we had at the board meeting regarding the membership of our club and extend the invitation about hosting this or other events at member’s homes. Shannon brought up sponsoring another family at Christmas again this year. Erica offered her home to host the party. Shannon will host another event in the future. Shop with Santa Dec 2nd was mentioned, December 14th social, Laurie motioned that the club cover the main dishes and have members supplement.
g) Website Renewal – Margareta - Time for renewal. Decide it is time to move on from the Website. The board discussed it at the board meeting and Margareta recommended to the club that we focus on the blog and Facebook. Michele agreed to maintained the Facebook page.
h) Youthlinc Sponsorship – Margareta - Justin explained about Youthlinc. This year we are $50.00 away from sponsoring 2 students. Our club is at 9 sponsorships total which gives a benefit for discounted costs to a club member to go on a trip. The $500.00 benefit expires at the end of this year so it would need to be used or we can opt to give it to a student.
i) Items left at W2W – Margareta – Margareta passed around photos of several items left behind at Wine into Water hoping someone would claim them.

3. Polio Pig/Adjourn

• October 12 – Business Meeting @ Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• October 14 – Social @ Park City Sunrise Rotary Club’s Shot Ski Even 12-6 PM
• Business Meeting November 2nd - @ Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• Board Meeting – November 6th – Judy’s House
• November 14 – Membership/Social/Service Party at Judy’s house

Friday, September 22, 2017

Millcreek Club donates $200+ in school supplies to needy kids

Thank you, Linda Book, for alerting us to this service opportunity! 

Our club responded with $200+ towards school supplies. Here is the email from Kimberly Billings, Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake.

School Supplies Needed

Hi Everyone, Our Metro Gang Unit has been out in various schools talking to all the kids since the beginning of this school year. They have noticed that a lot of kids are in desperate need of school supplies. They have taken it upon themselves to try to help them out by putting donation boxes in our UPD Precinct lobbies around Salt Lake County to see if the communities would contribute. We have one here in our Holladay Precinct. If you'd like to help school kids out by donating it would be greatly appreciated by everyone. They will be picking them up at the end of September. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful donation! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Business meeting minutes Sept 14, 2017

Attendees: Jayne Barnett, Chris Casper, Ronda Eiting, Margareta Hjorth-Vlasic, Frank Lilly, Brian Rollo, Danny Schoenfeld, Erica Wolff, Sonja Woodbury, Judy Zone
Guests: Jonathan Ebert (RYLA) Lilliana White (Youthlinc 2017 Scholarship Recipient) and her sister, Nina

1. Call to Order, Four Way Test and Introduction of Guests – Margareta/Brian – Jonathan Ebert and Lilliana White and her sister Nina
2. Business Items:
a) Club of the Year Award – Margareta Rotary Club of Millcreek was awarded the Club of the Year Award. Woohoo! Very exciting! The award is chosen by the District Governor.

b) RYLA Update and Introduction of RYLA student, Jonathan Ebert – Brian This year’s RYLA Student, Jonathan Ebert and his sister will be sponsored by RCOM and attending the RYLA Conference. Brian gave a little history about RYLA. RYLA was started in Australia in 1959. It is an annual event in Heber City, Utah. Kids come from all over the state to attend. Mostly attended by kids that are sophomores and juniors in high school. Jonathan is a senior, he attends Olympus High School and is very involved in service oriented projects like YMAD and Choice Humanitarian. Highly motivated! Has started his own seasonal storage business. He heard about RYLA from his mom and other family members who are Rotarians.

c) Wine into Water 2017 – Margareta, Judy, Frank, all – Best year yet! Total over $15,000. Frank is working on getting the final numbers. It is a little complicated because of check in. Frank has asked Danny to help him. Work on the opportunity drawings. Erica will follow up with the people who still owe money and possibly didn’t swipe their card. Judy gave feedback. Email chains can cause problems and confusion. As members, we need to be positive in these situations and pick up the phone and talk to each other directly. Has asked each Committee Chair to write up a
task list for next year and give it to her. Check-in went relatively smooth. During the rush, there were about 40+ people in 5 minutes. We need to add American Express – people want to use it to get points. This caused a delay in check in. Need to monitor the amount of wine being served. Have members serve wine and appetizers. UFS worked out well. We will have them come back next year. High West’s cost has gone up to the point it isn’t cost effective. Dented Brick donated all their costs back to Rotary. Discuss as a group the possibility of getting rid of the hard liquor and going back to just wine for next year. Microphone and speakers are a must.

d) Presentation of Liliana White – Youthlinc student – Lilliana shared her experience in Cambodia and how it was life changing for her. She admired how the people there have next to nothing but are very happy. She loved her experience with the other Youthlinc students. She was on the vocational committee – they taught the women how to make skirts and purses. Liliana was wearing one of the skirts they had made she had bought from them. Loved trying new foods. Wants to go back with Sustainable Cambodia. Loved working even in the rain. Learned some of the language and is very interested in learning more. Did her local service at City Academy.

e) Membership – Margareta, Ronda – We are very sad to be losing Jenny Ferguson. Please take the time to email her and wish her well. Some of the potential new members are not ready to committee at this time. We need to keep working on getting more members.

f) District Luncheon – Jayne – Still spots open that the club has sponsored. You can sign up at:

g) October Social: Shot Ski in Park City – Margareta, Chris – We are supporting the Sunrise Club of Park City’s event. They are trying to break a record for the longest chain of people taking a shot. You can register at

h) Board Meeting schedule – Margareta – Margareta purposed that we cancel the board meeting for September because it is so close now to the October 2, 2017 meeting. It was approved by the members.

3. Polio Pig/Adjourn - $39.40 was collected in the Polio Pig

• October 2 – Board Meeting , Rose Defa’s house
• October 5 – Business Meeting Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• October 6 – Service Project The INN Between
• October 7 – District All Club’s Luncheon
• October 12 – Business Meeting – Cottonwood Country Club @ 5:30 PM
• October 14 – Social @ Park City Sunrise Rotary Club’s Shot Ski Even 12-6 PM

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Our sixth annual Wine into Water is our most successful ever!

Our sixth annual Wine into Water fundraiser was our best ever with over 200 in attendance! Our wine tasting event raised over $15,000 to fund water projects in Cambodia this year, and our local service projects. Our club is especially active helping the refugee community. Special thanks to all who came out to support, and to our members who worked so hard to make the event a success!

Much thanks to Michelle Wright and Ronda Eiting for assembling our wine basket for the opportunity drawing!

Youthlinc volunteers sold four fabulous opportunity drawing items contributed by members: An Apple watch, an Amazon echo, Yeti cooler cups, and a spectacular backpack!

Much thanks to our friend Derick Loyola from Park City Sunrise Club who was one of our sommeliers this year.

More fabulous Youthlinc volunteers work check-in.

Erica and Margareta - our members originally from Sweden! Margareta is our club president.

Thanks, Anita, for supplying the sound system for the Program!

More wonderful Youthlinc volunteers working with the caterer.

It was great to have District Governor Elect Scott Leckman in attendance (L) with members Marty Gelman and John Zone!

Over 200 in attendance!

Abe Kaelin provided just the right mood music for our event! Thanks, Abe!

Much thanks to our members who provided delicious food!

We had great support from Park City Sunrise Club.